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Thank you everyone for your support, on 15th Feb

ruled out the closure of The Arran Outdoor Education Centre 
1 more thing you can do to help to make sure this
is for more than 12 months.

Check it out below...

AOER 1993 onward.JPG

Write to your MSP

Ask them to support this private member's Bill going through the Scottish Parliament.

Proposed Schools (Residential Outdoor Education) (Scotland) Bill

If successful this would make residential Outdoor Education a statutory requirement of Local Authorities. It's also important to realise that as the bill proceeds there will most likely be some amendments for example including Primary 6 & 7s

Demo March 11th February

We asked you to join us to show support for AOEC, You sent NAC officials & Councilors a very strong message. "Don't mess with AOEC funding" & they listened to our concerns


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Encourage your friends too

You can still post a video of yourself on social media 

Tell us about your experience of the Arran Outdoor Centre

Don't forget to tag Arran Outdoor Education

Centre & North Ayrshire Council

Tell us who you are & what year you visited

A few suggestions that may help you

  • What is your favourite memory  or describe your stand-out memory /experience of your visit to the Arran Outdoor Education Centre (AOEC)

  • Has your experience at AOEC inspired you to get outside more? If so in what way? 

  • Did you discover any new hobbies through the centre? 

  • Did you learn anything new about yourself? 

  • Do you feel your experience at the centre has helped your life skills, confidence and resilience to cope with everyday life? 

  • How important do you feel outdoor education is? 

  • Why do you feel the experiences the centre provides are important (to yourself or the young people)? eg Health? Well being?


Show us your best picture on social media of you holding
a placard with your message that persuaded NAC to keep the centre

Tag, Arran Outdoor Education Centre

& North Ayrshire Council

What was your best placard or quote

Thank you

For having the foresight to make it affordable for all NAC children

many from deprived areas 

to still have the chance to experience

The Arran Outdoor Education Centre

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