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Those skills were character-building and shaped me into the person I am today.

Alan Burns


This place is the best experience any children I have taught have had! To a person, they all rate it as the highlight of their primary school life! It teaches them so much about themselves for that five days they are there! Independence! Teamwork! Resilience! And how to make a bed!!😂 We are blessed in North Ayrshire to have this on our doorstep. The staff are always first class and great to work with to ensure all children get the best experience! Please do what you can and fill in the NAC budget survey. This place cannot be lost!

Pauline Barr


I am saddened to hear that the AOEC is on the chopping block again. As part of the pupil voice that relentlessly wrote to MP’s, Heads of Service and the press I hope that the power of todays pupil voices is easier to be heard through social media and is listened to by the Council. The amount of research into the benefits of outdoor play/outdoor learning and residential experiences should speak for itself. My experiences at Corrie Croft and the experiences it lead me towards are some of the best in my life. Going to Arran was so important to me that at 16 I knocked back an opportunity to go on a Caribbean cruise because it conflicted with my scheduled Arran trip.

Our teacher from Garnock (George Kerr) and the instructors at the Croft up skilled us and helped build resilience, it was like a home from home as we went 4 times a year as part of our Outdoor Studies class. We built positive relationships that have continued into adulthood. I still as an adult feel that when I walk off the ferry and take a deep breath in that my soul just feels happier. My trips to Arran helped me overcome some of the most difficult times in life, built my self-confidence and belief that this once petrified paddler could go on to confidently take part in trips to Norway, and many of the Western Isles and its various tide races including the Corryvrekan! I continue to enjoy paddling and hillwalking/camping and I’m the most organised person thanks to the first kit lessons I had at Corrie Croft and with my local canoe club. Those skills were character-building and shaped me into the person I am today. If there is anything I can do to help stop this closure please let me know.


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